Student Council

The Student Council represent the views of the student body to the school management. This involves talking and listening to all children, considering their views and concerns, and discussing these with the school management on their behalf.

The Student Council aims to promote good communications within the school. Improving communication within the school community is a shared responsibility and our Student Council contributes to this process. Our Council communicates with the students, school management and staff, and parents.

The Student Council also helps with contributing to the development of school policy. Our Student Council  actively contributes to the development of school policy in a wide range of areas such as bullying, uniform requirements, behaviour code, homework and extra-curricular activities. 

The Student Council assists the school with fundraising, sporting and cultural activities. Our Student Council assists in fundraising and in organising and developing sports and cultural activities within the school, including, for example, sports day, pyjama day, drama or musical events.

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