Catchment Area Map (For Illustrative Purposes)

This map is for illustrative purposes only. It is, as you may appreciate, difficult to capture accurately the catchment given the size and other geographical elements. The school takes no responsibility for any inaccuracies on this map as “catchment areas” are drawn by schools in conjunction with other neighbouring  schools.  The final decision as to which category an applicant should be placed in rests with the Board of Management – its decision is final. When an application is made, you will be informed as to which category your child is in. 

The school admissions policy should be read carefully and any questions regarding catchment should be directed to the school office. The school office, having had many years of dealing with the same catchment area, can inform you of which category relates to your situation. A single phone call to the office to clarify category is always advised. 

John Fingleton


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